Tiered Key Catcher

Tiered Key Catcher.jpg

I present to you all, Dollar Store Craft #3! Thank you so much for all the feedback on my other crafts! I found these Pioneer Woman dinner plates at Walmart on Clearance for $1 a piece!! Such an amazing find! I snatched up the last two!


  • One large dinner plate
  • One smaller dessert plate
  • Glass candle stick (Dollar Tree)
  • Jute cord
  • Hot glue gun and 2 sticks


  1. The Dollar Tree candle sticks have a smaller end (where the candle sits) and a larger base end – I used the larger base end as an attachment at the top to the smaller plate, this give more space for keys on the bottom plate. Cut the jute cord at a bias to begin, this allows your wrap to start with more a flushed look and gradual transition. Drag a line of hot glue around the candlestick and wrap cord around so that it is secured to the candlestick, but lightly touches the table as well. Once you have caught up to the beginning, add more glue around above the first layer and tightly adhere the second layer above the first, making sure they both touch so there is no gap. Continue up the height of the candle stick under you reach the top. Cut the end at a bias again like in the beginning and glue the end down flush with the last layer of jute.
  2. Add a large amount of hot glue to the smaller part of the candlestick and position it in the center on the largest dinner plate. Press down firmly. Add more glue to the large base of the candlestick which will be facing up. Gently position the smaller dessert plate facing up on top. Press down firmly.
  3. That is all folks! This can be used at an entryway to catch keys, wallet, and various other little trinkets. It can also be used in the kitchen to display fruits!



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