Rustic Candle Bowl

Here is proof that food doesn’t consume my entire life. While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across a pin for “Dollar Store Crafts” and had to try some DIY projects of my own. This first decor piece reminds me of a mystical forest. I didn’t intend to buy the color changing fake candle, but the charm is growing on me! Absolutely love this piece!

Stick Bowl.jpg


  • Glass bowl (square or cylindrical, just NOT curved like a fish bowl)
  • package of battery-powered fake candles
  • bundle of sticks (about 40)
  • hot glue gun with about 3 filler sticks
  • optional: sealant spray to preserve sticks


  1. Collect a bundle of relatively straight sticks from your yard. I took my bowl out for reference and selected a sized that would come up above the height of the bowl. For variance, I used sticks that extended a maximum of 1 inch above the height of the bowl. Thickness was another variance I added. I estimated the stick count to be about 40 because some sticks were snapped in half to make 2 pieces. Total, I used about 44 stick pieces.
  2. Plug the hot glue gun in and allow to warm. Start with an extremely straight stick and add a small line of glue to the lower 1/3. Quickly transfer to the bowl making sure that the bottom of the stick lightly touches the table. Pick another stick of a different length and width and glue it next to the first, making sure the bottom lightly touches the table. Be creative with which sticks you choose to place next to each other and add variety. Continue until bowl is covered.
  3. Optional: To prevent the sticks from shedding bark, a craft sealant spray can be used to preserve the wood. I opted to keep it looking rustic.
  4. Place light into the bottom of the bowl and you have the perfect rustic decor piece for less than $2! I was hesitant to place a real candle inside due to the fact that sticks are used for kindling fires.



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