Wine Bottle “Vase”

Flower Vase.JPG

Dollar Store Craft #2 has been completed! Another charming piece made with few items and cheap price tags. We just so happened to have an empty Moscato de Asti bottle under the sink from New Years, but this craft can be used with a variety of different glass containers, including mason jars. I am considering adding a wooden “W” to the center of the burlap flower for our family’s last name. This could also be decorated with buttons as well, possibly the letter W written in buttons.


  • Empty wine bottle, cleaned
  • 2 varieties of fake flowers
  • Roll of thick jute cord
  • Hot glue gun and about 4 sticks
  • Contrast color burlap “flower” from Walmart


  1. Cut your jute cord so that the end is tapered, this allows the start of your bottle to transition smoothly. Start at the bottom and add lines of hit glue. Gently wrap the cord around the bottle. When you reach where the rope began, pull it tightly on top of the first rope so that you can’t see the bottle between the two pieces of jute.
  2. Continure up the bottle until the entire pieces is wrapped.Cut the end of the jute at a bias again at the end and glue down so it looks flushed against the last wrap. The burlap flower is completely optional. For a brief moment I considered leaving it off, but I like the contrasting color on the piece.
  3. I had to cut away most of the leaves on these two flower varieties for them to fit into the opening. I used a large white flower with the look-alike “baby’s breathe” to add variety.



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